Charlie Jane Anders writes about science fiction for, and she’s hard at work on a fantasy novel. You can find her work in the McSweeney’s Joke Book of Book Jokes, Best Science Fiction Of The Year 2009, Sex for America, and other anthologies. She’s also contributed to Mother Jones, the Wall Street Journal, the San Francisco Chronicle, ZYZZYVA, Pindeldyboz, Strange Horizons, and many other publications. She organizes the Writers With Drinks reading series. With Annalee Newitz, she co-edited the anthology She’s Such a Geek and published an indy magazine called other. She wrote a novel called Choir Boy, which won a Lambda Literary Award and was a finalist for the Edmund White Award.

Writers With Drinks
@Make Out Room
Saturday, Sept. 12

Betty's List
@ Duboce Park Cafe
Weds, Sept. 16 @ 6:30

I don't grasp the connection between pyromania and social cohesiveness You have proben yourself worthy to join our uprising against this venal and fire-worshipping society. This whole maze of foolishness has been an elaborate test to see if you had what it took, and you alone have passed. Go to the usual spot - you know the place I'm referring to - and someone will join you there and give you further instructions. All those who have oppressed us for so long will die by the fire they love so much!
Social Affinity Flammability Podcast Journal Writing email Appearances Do you believe this person exists? Yes No Make social affinity with her facebook MySpace twitter What would convince you? Hearing her voice. Taking a turn at being her. Listen to Charlie Jane's weekly podcast, featuring weird fiction, rantings, meltdowns, and occasional special guests. I Am So Smart Subscribe to I Am So Smart here. How do you want to accomplish that? Stealing her identity Impersonating her at a public literary event. Click here to email her, and she'll be happy to send you her Social Security Number and other info. Here's a list of her upcoming appearances, at which you can probably pretend to be her I'm suddeny overcome by the emptiness of social media and the impossibility of actually knowing someone online. Does that make you feel more social intimacy? Yes Would you like to help others feel socially fulfilled? Yes Do you think the answer is to go back to nature, preferably by lighting it on fire and then telling stories, the way your ancestors did? Yes No Where can I light nature on fire? Preferably lots of it. No No Would it help if you could read some blog entries? No That would just make me feel more empty about the whole experience. Yes Charlie Jane's blog entries: What if you could read some of her writing? No The gap between reader and writer is even more apalling to me when reading fiction or journalism. I don't think I could deal with it. Yes Why not? Just as long as it's not interactive in any way. Choir Boy She's Such A Geek More Writing The good news is, nature is all around you. But here are some places where nature is especially flammable. Forests Jungles National Parks Leaves in Autumn Leaves at any time, really Oil Spouts Stacks of Corpses Volcano Eruptions Wheat Fields Corn Fields Fields, generally Plague Victims Cactuses Choir Boy (Soft Skull Press 2005) Lambda Literary Award winner Edmund White Award finalist Listen to a reading Soft Skull page New York Press review SF Chronicle review Books To Watch Out For Austin Chronicle review Bitch review Newspapers The San Francisco Chronicle The Monk Upstairs book review My Lives book review San Francisco Bay Guardian Nurturing The Drive Turn The Page She's Such A Geek - Edited by Annalee Newitz and Charlie Anders (Seal Press 2007) official website WGBH Podcast WNYC Podcast RU Sirius Podcast Anthologies Best of Science Fiction, 2009 (Rich Horton, Ed.) The McSweeney's Joke Book of Book Jokes Sex For America Fucking Daphne The Monkey Bicycle Anthology of Dirty Humor Paraspheres: New Wave Fabulist Stories Pills, Chills, Thrills and Heartache It's All Good That's Revolting! Magazines & Websites Mother Jones: Supergirls Gone Wild! Monkey Bicycle McSweeney's Internet Tendency: A Serial Killer Explains The Distinctions Between Literary Terms Pindledyboz: Folly Instant City ZYZZYVA: The Next Best Thing To Kindness Flurb One Door Closes A History Of The Internet The Last Young Person Alive Writes A Memoir Anxiety Branson, Social Security Hustler Fresh Yarn: The Week Of Rental Car Disasters Greatest Uncommon Denominator: Cutting A Figure, issue 0 Strange Horizons Ping Pong: Polyamory Hell, issue 1 Not To Mention Jack Horatius And Clodia Can I Just Point Out How Not Racist I'm Being Right Now? Just Imagine Stan Lee Writing Rabbit, Run My Cutting-Edge Cyber-Romance Novel: The First Seven Drafts All The Lonely People, Why Don't They Just Fuck Off? My Breath Is A Rudder Design by Stephanie Fox Powered by Laughing Squid Skinny Magazine: I've Got The Music In Me